About ICG

Since 1998, the Institute on the Common Good at Regis University has dedicated itself to programs aimed at changing the world one dialogue at a time, operating under the simple theory that through dialogue and trust building, major social change can occur.

We are founded on the principles of Catholic social teaching. We work to create spaces where true dialogue can happen, whether it’s between neighbors struggling to deal with homelessness in their midst, local leaders of religions in conflict around the world or members of society seeking answers to the dilemma of immigration. We call it Transformational Dialogue.

Through it all, we promote the concept of the common good. We serve as a public resource on community dialogue, promote academic discourse on topics related to dialogue and encourage communal discernment in the traditions of Quaker and Ignatian Spirituality.

Unlike institutes that focus solely on research and analysis, the Institute is unique in that it actively partners with groups engaged in community life. We assert the dignity and social nature of the human person. Therefore, every voice is welcome around our table.

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