Deepening Our Identity

For almost 15 years, ICG has been serving communities and organizations dedicated to the common good by providing a safe and effective space for dialogue, communal discernment and public deliberation. More than ever before, we are observing our society and its institutions grappling with increasingly complex and often, seemingly, irreconcilable issues in an environment of escalating polarization and divisiveness. At the same time, we are experiencing a pressing desire on the part of many groups to effectively, meaningfully and courageously meet these challenges in more innovative and creative ways.  As such, ICG has discerned a need to both deepen and broaden its services as a way of addressing these trends and desires in our culture.

At the core of this expanded service is a value and belief that asserts effective, sustained and meaningful change happens when we are becoming who we are, who we were created to be, whether that is a community, an organization, a group or an individual, and that it is possible to align and find synergy between and among these layers within a system.  Our belief goes on to say that this identity, or alignment of identities, is in fact, an expression of the common good and how we might become more fully engaged citizens of the world.  And so, to serve the common good, we must explore together:

  • - how and who I and we are becoming
  • - discovering what it is that is trying to live through me and us
  • - what it is that I and we aspire to, which is
  • - what I and we are willing to be in service to

This forms the basis for ICG’s integrated approach to growing, learning, serving and performing. It offers a way of maximizing community and organizational potential as well as sustained, transformational change by cultivating the interplay of specialness and commonness that exists in and between a group and its individual members.  Thus, the Institute has expanded its services to include a simultaneous offering of individual development and coaching to our clients’ key members as we also continue our work with their groups and communities.

To learn more, please click here and contact: Albert W. Starkey, M.S. at or the Institute on the Common Good at


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