TBD Colorado

What is TBD Colorado?

TBD Colorado is a public engagement initiative designed to create a dialogue among Colorado residents about some of the most important issues to the state's future.

What are the goals?

Short Term Goals

  • • Develop pragmatic, realistic solutions and consensus on policy issues (for example, do citizens in Colorado support longer class days or longer school years; are we willing to allow any of our schools of higher education to explore privatization; how do we handle the increasing health care needs of our aging population; and how are we going to address our growing transportation and infrastructure needs?)
  • • Create better methodology to evaluate issues
  • • Obtain various perspectives from all regions of the state
  • • Build muscle strength in Colorado for working together to solve complex problems and working across party and regional lines

Long Term Goals

  • • Form an enduring culture that leads to better ways of driving public policy goals
  • • Develop a credible mechanism for non-partisan deliberation of public policy issues
  • • Involve a broader (and younger) spectrum of Coloradans in determining the direction of the state.

What does the name TBD mean?

TBD is an acronym for "To Be Determined." The name refers to the initiative's purpose—to engage Colorado residents in determining the future of the state.

Who is in charge of TBD?

TBD has a volunteer board of directors who set policy and provide guidance. Kae Rader serves as Executive Director.

The board includes:

  • • Greg Maffei (President and CEO Liberty Media) Chair
  • • Heather Caroll (Joseph Henry. Edmondson Fundoundation)
  • • Maria Garcia Barry (CEO, CRL Associates)
  • • Letty Bass (Executive Director, Chambers Familyies Fund)
  • • Russell George (President, Northwestern Community College)
  • • Kristin Richardson (Private Sector Representative)
  • • Roxane White (Chief of Staff, Governor Hickenlooper)

What is the agenda of TBD?

TBD will focus on important issues facing Colorado. They include:

  • • P-12 Education
  • • Higher Education
  • • Health Care
  • • Transportation
  • • Structural budget
  • • Structural talent

Who set the agenda for TBD?

The initial agenda has been set by the Governor, bipartisan advisors, and the TBD Board. Future agendas will be set by Colorado residents who participate in the process.

How is this initiative connected to Governor Hickenlooper?

The Governor believes that navigating the difficult challenges the state faces will require the ideas and support of the entire state. TBD Colorado seeks unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of Coloradans to come up with efficient, effective and elegant solutions.

What is public engagement?

Public engagement is a term that refers to initiatives that seek to educate and involve the public regarding key issues, and then to identify areas of consensus and agreement that can be acted upon.

Who wrote the educational materials?

Small framing committees for each of the priority areas identified key challenges, opportunities and resources for each area. Facilitators then created accurate, neutral material so that all participants would have a common starting point for dialogue.

How are the participants selected?

Participants were selected because they were identified by others or themselves as having a useful perspective they wanted to share and a passion for making their state a better place to live.

Is TBD a project or an organization?

TBD is a legal organization with a board and executive director. The major project of TBD for 2012 is the public engagement project that will focus on the issues identified above.

What does TBD mean by values?

Values form the basis for our actions, attitudes and beliefs. Often public dialogue focuses so much on outcomes that the important values that should underlie what we do are lost. TBD will seek to identify values in such a way that Coloradans can include values in conversations about what we hope for and what we want to do.

What does TBD mean by Colorado Values?

Colorado, with its Western heritage and diverse population and geography, has a distinct spirit that both celebrates the individual and knows that collaboration is needed to solve most public problems.

Get involved at www.tbdcolorado.org.




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